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Luye Pharma and Distriphil Enter Exclusive Distribution Partnership in the Philippines with Joint Commitment to Raising Mental Health Awareness

-      Luye Pharma grants Distriphil exclusive distribution and marketing rights for Seroquel® and Seroquel XR® in the Philippines

-      Two companies pledge to make joint effort to raise awareness of mental health issues as part of the “We Care About Mental Health” initiative

November 12, 2020 - Luye Pharma Group, an international pharmaceutical company dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sale of innovative medications has entered a new partnership agreement with Distribution Solutions Phils. Inc (Distriphil), a national pharmaceutical distribution company based in the Philippines. Through the terms of the partnership, Luye Pharma grants Distriphil the exclusive distribution and marketing rights for the central nervous system (CNS) drugs Seroquel® (quetiapine fumarate, immediate release) and Seroquel XR® (extended release formulation) in the Philippines.

Luye Pharma and Distriphil sign partnership agreement
(From left to right: Dr. Yehong Zhang, President of Luye Pharma (International); Mr. William Chiongbian II, Founder & President of Distriphil)

An online signing ceremony was held, marking the start of the partnership and continuation of the Group’s ongoing “We Care About Mental Health” initiative conducted in the Asia Pacific region. This regional initiative aims to raise mental health awareness, supporting patients, physicians and health systems in overcoming the unmet needs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety place a considerable burden on global public health. According to the World Health Organization[i], close to 1 billion people are living with a mental disorder and one person dies every 40 seconds due to suicide. Currently, billions of people around the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is having a further impact on people’s mental health.

Under the banner of the “We Care About Mental Health” initiative, a total of 32 educational activities have been organized since its inception in June this year. At the Second Asia Pacific Psychiatry Online Symposium which took place in October this year, more than 1,000 physicians from 9 different Asia Pacific countries and regions participated, speaking about schizophrenia and bipolar disorder disease management. As an extension of the initiative in the Philippines, Luye Pharma and Distriphil will organize a series of online and offline lectures to raise awareness of matters related to mental illness, hosted by experts in the field.

Luye Pharma and Distriphil launch the “We Care About Mental Health” initiative
(From left to right: Andy Siow, APAC Regional Director of Luye Pharma (International); Mr. Michael Quijano, Vice President & Chief Operation Officer of Distriphil)

“Mental health is a serious global public health challenge that requires a sustained and united response from us all. The ‘We Care About Mental Health’ regional initiative aims to raise awareness, provide insights on the available treatment options and emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems” said Andy Siow, APAC Regional Director of Luye Pharma (International). “We are looking forward to the collaboration with Distriphil in the Philippines, increasing mental health awareness, inspiring a concerted effort, and bringing better care to patients.”

"It is a blessing and privilege for us at Distriphil to help address the increasing need for mental health in the Philippines. This is what we are here for, to provide care and improve the health of every Filipino with a quality product like Seroquel", said Mr. Michael Quijano, Vice President & Chief Operation Officer of Distriphil. “We are delighted to begin this partnership as part of the ‘We Care About Mental Health’ initiative, and to work together with Luye Pharma in contributing to improving mental health care in the Philippines.” 


About Seroquel® and Seroquel XR®

Seroquel® (quetiapine fumarate, immediate release) and Seroquel XR® (extended release formulation) are atypical anti-psychotic (AAP) medicines with antidepressant properties. The main indications for Seroquel® are the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Seroquel XR® is also approved in some markets for major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

About Luye Pharma Group

Luye Pharma Group is an international pharmaceutical company dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sale of innovative medications. The company has established R&D centers in China, the U.S. and Europe, with a robust pipeline of over 30 drug candidates in China and more than 10 drug candidates in other international markets. Along with a number of new drugs and formulations in the central nervous system and oncology therapeutic areas currently under study in the U.S., Europe and Japan, Luye Pharma has reached high-level international standards in novel drug delivery technologies including microspheres, liposomes, and transdermal drug delivery systems, as well as actively making strategic developments in the fields of biological antibodies, cell therapies and gene therapies, among others.

Luye Pharma is developing a global supply chain of 8 manufacturing sites with over 30 production lines in total, establishing GMP quality management and international standard control systems. With more than 30 products covering the central nervous system, oncology, cardiovascular, metabolism and other therapeutic areas, business is conducted in over 80 countries and regions around the world, including the largest pharmaceutical markets - China, the U.S., Europe and Japan, as well as in fast growing emerging markets.

About Distriphil

Distribution Solutions Phils., Inc. (Distriphil) is a national pharmaceutical company. It is under the banner of a holding company, MVC Corporation where subsidiaries are known to be the biggest provider of supply chain solutions in the Philippines, the Fast Logistics Corporation - Fast Services, Fast Distribution.

Our business revolves around the marketing and distribution of our own in house products, as well as providing sales and/or marketing support, including warehousing and distribution services of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutritional supplements to other national or multinational pharmaceutical companies. Distriphil over the years has partnered and gained the trust of multinational companies including Roche, Merz Aesthetics, GSK Consumer Health, Cheplapharma of Germany and Edsel Healthcare of Hong Kong to promote their brands. To date we attribute a significant growth in fulfilling our vision of providing care and improving the health of every Filipino by providing access to quality medicines. 

i World Mental Health Day: an opportunity to kick-start a massive scale-up in investment in mental health. World Health Organization. Retrieved 27 August 2020 from https://www.who.int/news/item/27-08-2020-world-mental-health-day-an-opportunity-to-kick-start-a-massive-scale-up-in-investment-in-mental-health