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Health Awareness Academy Webinar :  AIDS/HIV Awareness

In partnership with Dr Cj Amil, Health Awareness Academy was created to educate Distripihl employees on the diseases that commonly arises from a workplace. The first Health Awareness Academy was launched in March of 2020 with the topic Mental Health. Every quarter HAA (Health Awareness Academy) invites all DISTRIPHIL employees to be educated on a specific disease topic presented by Dr Cj Amil.

Even though AIDS is not in the top 10 leading causes of mortality by disease in the Philippines, the number of Filipino people contracting HIV is steadily increasing. Many Filipinos with HIV are learning how to cope and live with this disease and many of them are in the Philippine workplace. As mandate by the Philippine Govt. all private sectors should have a policy on HIV and AIDS prevention and control program.

Distriphil now has a SOP on Handling HIV/AIDS in the workplace signed and acknowledge by all employees. To educate all employees about HIV/AIDS in accordance with the SOP, HIV/AIDS awareness was the first topic that Dr Cj Amil presented for the HAA 2021.

He explained what HIV is and how a person can get infected by it. What are the signs and symptoms of person with HIV or AIDS. He also explained how a person with HIV can develop a full-blown AIDS.  Lastly, Dr Amil mentioned that a person can get tested for HIV if he/she chooses to. Private companies/sectors cannot mandate its employees to get tested for HIV. Of course, the best way to prevent getting HIV is to have safe sex or NO sex at all.