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News And Insights

Distriphil’s Virtual Mad Hatter Christmas Party!
By Anna M. Rocillo

Have you been naughty or nice this 2020? If you have been naughty or nice this 2020, you were still invited to attend the Distriphil Virtual Mad Hatter Christmas Party!

The Covid- 19 Pandemic did not stop Distriphil’s annual Christmas Party from happening for 2020. There was just a little twist about the Christmas party. 2020, was the year when everything went virtual including Distriphil’s annual Christmas Party. Even though the party went virtual, The Distriphil Christmas party still had the same exciting raffle prizes, fun games, and the amazing Department talent show.

The party started at 6pm at Zoom and live via Distriphil FB page and though the party was virtual, you can still feel the excitement when everyone gathers to have fun. Zoom reached its max capacity of 100 guests within minutes, which left some employees to enjoy the party via FB Live. With everyone wearing their Mad Hatter Christmas hat, the party began with an inspiring Christmas message from our beloved COO, Michael Quijano.

The games and raffle prizes were fun and exciting, but what made the Christmas Party extra special was Distriphil’s Got Talent department performances. TDS/Vaccine, QMS/Supply Chain, Office Base and Pharma Team showcased their talent by playing their talent performances video. TDS/ Vaccine and Pharma Team did a singing music video, while the Office base and QMS/Supply chain did a dance/ Tiktok video. All of the videos were exciting and fun to watch but there could only be one Distriphil’s Got Talent winner. The winner of the Distriphil’s Got Talent was none other than the TDS/Vaccine Team! I actually got goosebumps watching their music video, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt the same. Congratulations TDS/Vaccine Team for winning the Distriphil’s Got Talent!

Thank you Distriphil, even though 2020 was a challenging year we still managed to end the year with a joyous Christmas party. The Christmas party would not be as much fun as it was not for our host, Patrick Consulta, who headed the 1st Distriphil’s Virtual Mad Hatter Christmas Party 2020!