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News And Insights

Distriphil's First Virtual Conference Preparation
By: Erik Michael F. Infante

January 25th, 2021 was the first ever, Distriphil’s Virtual National Sales Conference and Awards Night. Yes! you’ve read it right, VIRTUAL. We all know that the Zoom platform is used to conduct meetings, corporate presentations and even church services ever since the pandemic started. But this is different, one of the biggest event/s of Distriphil or any other pharmaceutical companies out there, was done via Zoom.

It was a month long and tough preparation though. Yes, it was tough, because first, each of us need to secure a good internet connection. Then, we had to make sure that every music, sound effects and transitions will run smooth and timely. The Distriphil corporate plenary hall was not that tough though, as there was no music or sound effects was needed since it was Distriphil leadership team’s presentation of plans for the year for our Medical Representatives, sales representatives, as well as our other employees

But this one is the toughest, the Distriphil Virtual Awards Night. From the music, effects, filler videos, the hosts and even the virtual background of the participants should be precisely done. But wait, since this is an Awards night, everyone should still be in their glitz and glamorous attire even though we are on Zoom.

After the Virtual Corporate Plenary Hall and the Awards Night, another event that we launched, and will still run every other month is the Virtual Fellowship Night “BeerTalk”. But what is a fellowship night without drinks? Without song performances? Without good talks? Yes! It all happened in the Virtual fellowship night. We had song performances recorded by our very own Distriphil talents, and the hosts called on some people to share their thoughts on a certain topic, the setup was like everyone is in a bar, and the hosts are on stage talking to the audience and having a great time.

And of course, the fellowship night will not be complete if there are no drinks! Everyone was given a budget to purchase their own drinks that can somehow relax or refresh them during the fellowship night.

It is hard to think about how the National Sales Conference ran successfully. But after all the hard work, with everyone’s motivation and dedication to Distriphil, we made it happen! This is just our start in conquering the new realities of 2021.