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News And Insights

Distriphil’s 1st Virtual Strat Plan
By Anna M. Rocillo

Before 2020, Distriphil's Strat Plan was always done with Managers and Leaders coming together and sharing strategic ideas for the following year. But 2020, proved to be different and challenging as compared to previous years. One of those something different was the Virtual Strat Plan for 2021. 

September 25 was the day Distriphil had its first virtual strategic planning via zoom. The yearly Strat Plan is a tradition in Distriphil, it is the beginning of a series of activities that culminates with the creation of our strategies and programs for 2021. The Distriphil Strat Plan opened with a kick-off session on September 25, followed by the strategic project presentation on October 19. Lastly, the department and brand team had their presentation on November 5-6.    

Given the current challenges amidst this pandemic, the DLT has decided that there are 4 critical questions that Distriphil need to explore as a team to help navigate through difficult times. On the kick-off day, 4 teams presented their initial plan for their assigned critical questions.

1) Team Biotech, led by Janice Florenosos, presented their initial plan to answer the question:  How will our distribution and trade services navigate in the new normal? 

2) Team Digital, led by Suzanne Crisanto, presented their initial plan to answer the question: How should we market our brands in the new normal?

3) Team Robotics, led by Lilyvic Tan, presented their initial plan to answer the question: How should we engage the health care practitioner in the new normal?

4) Team Genomics, lead Connie Pasco, presented their initial plan to answer the question: What business development shifts should we consider thriving in the new normal?

On Nov.19 the 4 teams presented their final project proposal to the managers and leaders of the Strategic plan workshop. All 4 teams presented an impressive project proposal to address the critical questions that Distriphil is facing. Team Digital presented their Marketing Playbook project proposal. Team Biotech presented its Distribution revolution and Trade Transformation project proposal. Team Genomics presented its Project Alexa proposal. Team Robotics presented Remote Detailing, Omnichannel Marketing, and New Normal Selling Skills project proposal. Once the strategic projects were finalized and approved by the leadership team, the brand and departmental strategies need to be anchored on the strategic projects. Lastly, the new Distriphil Battle Cry logo for 2021 was introduced!

Finally, on November 5-6 Product Managers assigned to Frepan, Prostera, Pinnaclife and Seroquel took the lead and presented their strategies and programs for 2021. Similarly, for the different BUs and departments, the Dept. and BU head took the lead and presented their 2021 strategies and programs anchored on the approved strategic projects.

The challenges that the pandemic brought in, gave way to innovative strategies and programs to help Distriphil navigate through uncharted territory. After hearing all the strategies and programs for 2021, everyone is confident that Distriphil will conquer the new realities that we are all facing!