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Distriphil wins APEA Corporate Excellence Award for Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry

Last October 20, 2022, Distriphil was awarded the Corporate Excellence Award for Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology category of the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) Regional Edition held in Penang, Malaysia.

This award is given to organizations that have demonstrated effective talent mobilization and organizational capability to deliver consistent business results, while remaining aligned to the organization’s purpose.

The awarding ceremony was held at Setia Spice Convention Center in Penang, Malaysia. Distriphil was represented by Ms. Janice W. Florenosos (Finance Head), Dr. Christian James Amil, (Medical and Regulatory Affairs Head) and Ms. Mary Kris Abilon (Business Development Associate Manager).

This recognition from APEA is considered as one of the major awards received by Distriphil in its eight years in the industry—a testament to the company’s dedication to its mission to provide care and improve the health of Filipinos. The Distriphil leadership team is very thankful to all employees for their dedication, commitment, and hard work to achieve this kind of recognition.