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Get the latest news and updates on Distriphil, a National Pharmaceutical Distribution Company in the Philippines.

Distriphil Trade Team: Fostering Long-Lasting Business Partnerships

Primarily, the role of TDS is to build and nurture relationships with high valued client using winning strategies. They take the lead in solving difficult concerns and strive to provide the best solutions.  They don’t idly sit by and wait for things to happen, but instead they proactively engage in managing key business relationships.  Here are some of the their responsibilities:

  • Current account follow-ups
  • Cold calls, giving out pricelists and contact details
  • Processing of sales bookings
  • Coordination with supply chain for delivery schedule
  • Coordination with finance team regarding overdue invoices to release orders
  • Customer feedback regarding the confirmed delivery schedule
  • Inquiries regarding availability, pricing, deals & discounts
  • Drafting price offers
  • Inventory checking
  • Monitoring of sales bookings versus invoice (AR report)
  • Sales negotiation

Distriphil’s Trade Development Specialists go beyond just taking orders, they foster loyal and long-lasting partnerships.

During a crisis, it’s a common saying to expect the unexpected but never could we have imagined the global impact of the current pandemic.  COVID-19 disrupted the socio-economic balance of major businesses around the world.  We now face an enormous challenge to rise above this dreadful situation.  It would be difficult right now for any business to lose major clients.

Distriphil’s trade team was not exempted from the current situation. The business unit also faced challenges in terms of client situation and engagement, upselling opportunities, market pricing competition and supply chain gaps.  We addressed these by creating an effective engagement plan using a variety of modalities (e.g. social media, digital conferencing tools, emails and telephone calls) to improve interrelationship.  We expanded our solutions for client growth opportunities.  We made sure that we can supply the demand that our accounts need and minimize as much as possible the disruption in supply chain. As the result, the trade team was able to recover sales even with all the challenges and restrictions during the quarantine period.

Distriphil’s Trade Development Specialists remain committed be part of a highly competent trade team in maintaining and building good relationship with our business partners. This goal is achieved by providing excellent service with integrity that is essential to the success of organization despite the current crisis.  We are dedicated to deliver the sales growth toward the success of the organization.  

Beyond trade and delivering excellent customer service. We are Distriphil’s Trade Team!