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Who we are

Distribution Solutions Phils., Inc. (DISTRIPHIL) is a national pharmaceutical distribution company. It is under the banner of a holding company, MVC Corporation where subsidiaries are known to be the biggest provider of supply chain solutions in the Philippines, the Fast Logistics Corporation – Fast Services, Fast Distribution and Fast Cargo Logistics.

The company was incorporated in July 16, 2014 but the operations started in January of 2015. DISTRIPHIL business spans across specialty pharmaceutical, wholesales and retails distribution, medical devices and nutritional supplements.


- Established partnership with Roche (Phils.) Inc. under a Contract Sales & Marketing Organization (CSMO) Agreement.
- Launched our first In-house brand of Zoledronic Acid.
- Established partnership with GSK as a vaccines sub-distributor in VISMIN area.


- Elevated our partnership with Roche (Phils.) Inc. to Supply Agreement.
- Launched another In-house brand of Potassium Citrate.
- Expanded partnership with GSK to a national scale.


- Launched Kalingang DISTRIPHIL Oncology, with products completing the breast cancer protocol.
- Rebranded our vaccines sub-distributorship from an exclusive GSK to Vaccines Distribution offering portfolio of vaccines products from various companies like GSK, Abbott, Pfizer and Sanofi.
- Forged partnership with Merz for Supply Agreement of Contractubex, Mederma and other Merz pharma products.


- Expanded our coverage to dermatologist and surgeons with the additional products of Merz.
- Appointed as the exclusive sub-distributor of Influvac, trivalent flu vaccine of Abbott.
- Appointed as the national distributor of Merz Aesthetics.