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Job Opening

Quality Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor

Location: (1) Parañaque City


Quality Management System

Assist the QMS Manager in engaging, directing and supporting people to participate in the QMS. Ensure customer and legal requirements are met. Ensure that risks and opportunities are identified and addressed. Assign responsibility for the QMS, its processes, reporting, and for managing change. Assist as well in the document and records control requirements of the QMS.


  1. Together with the Managing Head, ensure compliance with environmental and their respective implementing rules and regulations.
  2. Identify significant environmental aspects and impacts of the establishment and recommend possible mitigating measures.
  3. Attend to all permitting and registration requirement prior to the construction, installation, or operation of pollution sources and control facilities.
  4. Ensure the proper performance, operation, and maintenance of facilities such as: Wastewater treatment facilities, Air pollution control devices, hazardous waste management storage areas, environmental monitoring devices, effluent flow metering, ground water monitoring wells, etc.
  5. Ensure that the hazardous wastes disposed offsite are covered by a Permit to Transport with manifest duly signed by the transporter and with corresponding Certificate of Treatment duly signed by TSD facility.
  6. Monitor compliance to the requirements specified in the CNC/ECC and the commitments stipulated and report the same in the Compliance Monitoring Report (CMR).
  7. Monitor activities pertaining to the operation and maintenance of facilities to ensure compliance with the mandated DENR-EMB laws.
  8. Promptly submit SMR and CMR, duly accomplished and signed by the PCO, approved and certified correct by the Managing Head, and notarized.
  9. Report in writing, within 24 hours from securing results of laboratory analysis/online monitoring instruments any exceedance to effluent and emission standards.

Health & Safety

  1. Act as the employer’s principal assistant and consultant in the application of programs to remove the hazards from the workplace and to correct unsafe work practices.
  2. For this purpose, the Safety Officer has the following duties:
    1. Oversee the overall management of the safety and health program.
    2. Frequently monitor and inspect any health or safety aspect of the operation.
    3. Assist government inspectors in the conduct of safety and health inspection at any time whenever work is being performed or during the conduct of an accident investigation.
    4. Submit to the QMS manager a report of the activities of the committee, including recommendations made.
  3. Acts in an advisory capacity on all matters pertaining to Health and safety for the guidance of the employer and the workers.
  4. Coordinates all health and safety training programs for the employee and employer.

Maintains or helps in the maintenance of an efficient accident record system and coordinates actions taken by supervisors to eliminate accident causes.