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News And Insights

Get the latest news and updates on Distriphil, a National Pharmaceutical Distribution Company in the Philippines.

Distriphil Trade Team: Fostering Long-Lasting Business Partnerships

Several companies are starting to perceive the significance of Trade Development Specialists (TDS) within their businesses.  And today, trade is being considered as the life force of a business organization.  But what precisely is the role of TDS in the company? Most companies think that as soon as a TDS engages for specific accounts, the difficult task is already done.  Most companies would usually think that clients only like the products and services, and they don’t see any reason as to why clients would disengage with them. This approach is very uncertain as clients can easily let go for a number of reasons.  These may involve displeasure with products, poor customer service, among others. In these situations, the unsung heroes who champion the success of the company are the Trade Development Specialists.

Distriphil Forges Partnership With Sandoz To Promote And Distribute Frepan®

Poised to strengthen its footprint in the ethical pharmaceutical business, Distribution Solutions Philippines Inc. (DISTRIPHIL), has recently embarked a partnership with Sandoz Philippines Corporation-A Novartis Company, to exclusively handle the ethical promotion and distribution of one of their key drug products, Frepan®, in the Philippines.