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News And Insights

Innovation Festival

By: Anna Rocillo

Here at Distriphil we want to embed the culture of nourishing our Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Mental Energy. If you have noticed, all our employee engagement activities are anchored to nourish these 4 Dimensions. One employee engagement activity that we recently launched to nourish our Mental Energy was the Innovation Festival.

This program was launched on June 16, live via MS Teams. All Distriphil employee are invited to participate in the first Innovation Festival.

First, let us explain the meaning of innovation. The word Innovation came from the Latin word Innovatus, meaning to renew. To implement, improvements that meaningfully enhances the experience of many people. Innovation is also the act of creating and delivering Impactful Improvements. It is solving a problem through a combination of old, new and or emerging solutions to create new value streams. So, what can be innovated?

New or Improved:  Products/ Services, Advertising & Promotion, Distribution and retail concepts, Processes, Business models, organizations, and ways to solve everyday management problems/ opportunities.

Innovation Festival invites each department to participate and submit their Innovative project idea, but wait, there’s more! The winning group representative of each department will win a 10k cash award, be nominated for a Superhero award and implementation of their project.  So, what are you waiting for? Register and join the Innovation Festival.