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A face-to-face Christmas Party is still not possible for the year 2021 but the usual glee and merriment of Christmas is possible for Distriphil. Amidst the challenges brought by the pandemic, Distriphil employees were able to virtually gather to celebrate Christmas.

The 2022 Distriphil Christmas party started at 5:30 pm through MS Teams with almost 200 attendees. The party began with an opening prayer and an inspiring Christmas message from our beloved Chief Operating Officer, Michael Quijano.

The employees enjoyed the fun games prepared and facilitated by Distriphil’s training team and the raffle organized by the HR Team. There are also intermissions by Distriphil Talents. All employees wear their unique and amazing headband, but one lucky employee was chosen as winner for having the Best Christmas Headband Costume.

Different groups showcased their hidden talents on their Christmas short film performances video. All Christmas short film videos show the love for family and friends, the traditional Filipino culture of being generous to everyone and the unity to conquer challenges. With the talents and creativity of all the teams, our beloved COO had a hard time to decide until he chose the film that really caught his heart. Two groups announced as winners for the Christmas short film presentation, the Trade and GSK Team. The party ended after the inspiring messages and greetings from our Distriphil Leadership Team.

Despite the challenging year brought by pandemic, Distriphil was able to let employees to have fun, feel the love and end the year with a joyous Christmas Party for the year 2021.