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News And Insights

Distriphil Innovation Festival

By: Anna M. Rocillo

The Distriphil Innovation Festival is a celebration of innovation and creativity. The festival's main objective was to encourage employees to think innovatively by creating an innovative project that will benefit Distriphil. Each department was invited to join the festival and present its project to members of the DLT. The best and most relevant innovative project will be awarded as the winner and given a cash token of 10,000 pesos.

6 departments joined the Innovation Festival and they are Finance Team, HR Team, QMS/Supply Chain Team, GSK Consumer Team, Marketing/BD Team, and the Pharma Team. 

All projects were impressive but there could only be one winner of the Innovation Festival 2021.  The 2021 Innovation Festival project winner was the E-Replenish by the Finance Team! The Finance Department received the cash prize, and their E-Replenish project will be implemented as soon as possible.

Congratulations to the winning team and see you all for the next Innovation Festival in 2022!