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News And Insights

Distriphil first run of TGP Partnership for 2022

TGP Partnership is a 1-hour webinar session geared toward learning something new related to our brands It’s an educative training session where pharmacists and pharmacy assistants of The Generic’s Pharmacy (TGP) will learn about DISTRIPHIL products and be enlightened with a great informative module. This event is hosted by Distriphil’s very own Product Manager, Ms. Karen Ocampo. They successfully introduced this initiative of the Marketing Department to TGP.

They have invited our Human Resource and Organization Development Head, Ms. Suzanne Crisanto to talk about “The Key Principles of Interaction” in which the pharmacists and clerks learned the importance of skillful communication by understanding the interaction skills that will help them achieve critical interpersonal objectives. After the training proper, our Marketing Department were given a brief time to discuss the features and benefits of our products to increase awareness among our dear pharmacists and pharmacy assistants.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank TGP for inviting and allowing us to conduct and facilitate their training module for this quarter. We are hoping to implement the second run this second quarter of 2022, which is something we all look forward to.