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Distriphil begins COVID-19 vaccination rollout

By: Jacqueline Joy Gay

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 vaccination programs have been rolled out across the Philippines and the world. As a trusted vaccine distributor, Distriphil has aimed to assist private companies in sourcing COVID-19 vaccines and help organize their company-initiated vaccination programs. The goal of this program is to assist the efforts of the national government and support the initiatives of private companies in vaccinating more individuals to reach herd immunity.

Last July 6, 2021, Distriphil, in partnership with Fast Logistics, has launched its first COVID vaccination activity in Bahay ng Alumni in Quezon City. Subject to the arrival of more vaccines that were procured by the private sector, vaccination rollouts are also scheduled in Metro Manila and even in other provinces. This September, Distriphil through its partner venues and local government units, will be opening more vaccination sites like in Pasay City (La Pergola Verde) and Taguig City (The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion) in preparation for the next tranches of private sector-procured vaccines that will be arriving. Through these efforts, DISTRIPHIL aims to contribute to ending the pandemic and saving more lives and livelihoods as our economy reopens.